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Using our prospects network to expand our marketing audience.

Customer Experience Management Data


How do we utilize our prospects current networks?

Using our current prospects, data shows that our prospect peer networks might be a possible marketing opportunity for acquiring new prospects for the Army. 


  • Understand the data and apply it to the current user experience

  • Identify where in the journey this process fits- after validating feasibility

  • Identify current incentives/programs that exist with current prospects in terms of their networks.

Our partner agency delivered their CXM study reports- we analyzed and found very interesting data points that we thought could flesh out and idea from.

Prospects top activities by channel

Prospects rely on close, personal relationships as sources as they consider and research opportunities within the military. Peers, friends, family, and mentors are depended on for guidance concerning career development.


Events that prompt interest in joining the military/Army

Discussions with or recommendations by classmates/friends/family was the top trigger when considering joining the military. 


Positive Experiences with a Recruiter

Prospects also have great experiences with the recruiter once they have an appointment. Knowing this, a question arises- since prospects remain close with their relied relationships, do they also share this information with their friends/peers?


Majority of prospects (71%) cite a positive experience with recruiters

User Journey with data insights

We have the current user journey attached with the data insights throughout the user phases during each journey. This user flow will help us determine where in the journey it is most appropriate to generate awareness of bringing a friend to an appointment. 

user journey with data.png

Each phase represents where a user is in the journey- The passive awareness phase is where prospects are learning about the army by marketing or attending events but not yet fully invested. We launched a campaign (the 'Make' Campaign) here to push them to the next phase of their journey. We see the 'Make' email series makes the most sense to include language surrounding 'bringing a friend'.

Why 'Make' Campaign?

We see the 'Make' email series makes the most sense to include language surrounding 'bringing a friend'. They are currently in the Passive Awareness phase, where 37% of leads say they rely on friends, peers, or Family; They are talking to their friends about the Army- so why not let them know about friends potential involvement


Knowing the discovery, the customer measurement data, and the new proposed journey- we needed to establish the workflow, how the process would work. In an MVP state, we see the flow working like this- where we could have the messaging communicate to bring a friend to the appointment and the recruiter would then qualify them manually (on the spot).


Implemented in Certain Make Emails

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