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Redesigning Quick Order for a more fluid experience


One project was to address the issues with Quick Order that our users were expressing. Took the time to break down our current experience and see what wasn't intuitive.

Current Experience


Right off the bat, I saw some areas that could be improved.

1. There's no visibility or reassurance that the part number exists- we know here, if a part number exists, that the 'x' icon will pop up to remove. If it isn't a valid product for the part number- nothing is showcased, leading to not be communicative.

2. Another thing is the visibility and search functionality. If a product DOES exist- I'd recommend to showcase what they have in their list instead of just a row of numbers.

Enhanced Experience

Screen 1 2.png
Screen 1 5.png

Simply put a box and instruction for the field box, every time they interact with this, they can either search by part number or key word.

Searching by Part Number

Part number

Searching by Keyword


I created a new way to showcase a product, a mini product tile that shows the image and title- with a less intrusive Qty stepper we had used in other areas of the app.

Product tile
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