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Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions Feature


Before 'Bulk Actions' users who needed to remove items from their saved lists have one option: Remove one at a time- which can be arduous. 

We needed to create an additional option for users to select multiple items and delete them (or perform any other action) all at once to improve list management efficiency, and eliminate checkout friction when users have unavailable products in their cart. 


  • Support the transactional page efficiency initiative - more actions, less clicks.

  • Improve list management efficiency

  • Reduce friction in checkout

Competitive Analysis

After doing some research on best practices- we established there were 2 main components needed for bulk actions functionality.


           1.  Products tiles with a selection/selected mode

           2. Nav bar to represent selected items and actions.

Product Card Select Mode Options

We identified that we needed to reflect changes in our product tiles- how do we show that cards are selectable? So, we saw the patterns our competitors were having. 


Nav Bar

For the second needed component, we did some searching as well for great patterns.

Dribble sources


Ideation and concepts

After doing our research, we needed to apply what we knew to develop ideas on concepts for our site pages. 

Concept 2

Final Product

Desktop & Mweb

Saved List Detail Page Multi Select.png
mWeb Saved Lists Updated Card (mobile preview).png
Saved List Detail Page Select All.png
mWeb Saved Lists Current.png

Spec Sheets

Spec Sheets
Spec sheet
Spec Sheets
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